Using laser engraving or sandblansting, we can engrave almost any object of your choice. (Excluding objects too large.)

Some examples include: Yeti cups, glass bottles, crystal trophies, and leather.



The Sandblast Process


THe design is cut in vinyl sticker and placed on the desired spot of the object. Everything else must be covered by tape or paper.


Sandblast the design surface evenly for optimal results. Make sure to wear protective gear.

Final Product

The design is then etched into the glass surface and the product is cleaned and packaged.

Examples of Previous Projects:

Street and Traffic Signs


We make street and/or signs that include reflective materials for public use of personal.



Examples of Previous Projects:

Asphalt Maintenance


Our services include: seal coating, paint striping, and traffic signs (such as the handicap sympbol).



Examples of Previous Projects:

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